We are AIM studio

Founded 2012 by Fabienne Meyer and Urban Würsch

AIM studio is both a design studio that creates own visions for products, as also a classic industrial design agency doing commissioned work for clients.In either role, the focus of AIM studio is to create objects with charm that last longer than the current trend. Ongoing exploration of shapes, colours and emotional effects is the key to create products that equally unite all of these elements in their design.

Fabienne Meyer

Graduated in product design at the Zurich University of the Arts and worked at design studios like Jacob Jensen before founding AIM studio. For Fabienne, design is about storytelling, about seeing the unseen and capturing visionary forms. The unlimited possibilities of colours, form and function are the playful source of her creativity. She explores her products’ design variations in contrasting juxtapositions.

Urban Würsch

 After perusing a career in the world of fashion, Urban changed his course and studied industrial design at the Zurich University of the Arts. His ability to combine different fields of design, techniques and his understanding for other people’s points of view lead to an extensive comprehension of design. This versatility is a key impulse for creativity and new design solutions. Urban has developed a reduced design language that allows any user to understand the idea and the function of the creation on sight.